- After every wardrobe check session with a customer, it’s such a wonderful feeling to know that you have given her/his wardrobe new life by creating fresh new looks and finally getting rid of pieces that just don’t fit or look good anymore….how rewarding when they say: ” I never ever actually thought of combining these things together….and it works so well!” -


" I’m not the type of person who you’d typically imagine would seek out a personal stylist. 30-something working Mama – time poor and happy if I manage to get to the office in an outfit that doesn’t have a penguin sticker, toothpaste or sticky fingerprints on it – legacy of my “morning commute”. I like shopping; I like fashion, but those things somehow got relegated to a past life and Pinterest sessions late at night when I should have been asleep. "
testimonial clare
"Miriam is absolutley fantastic. You don't know it yet, but you need her to visit your wardrobe. She listened really well to my style choices and issues, and was able to help me spice up my current wardrobe and help me with some pieces to enhance my style. I constantly get compliments on my outfits now, something that before Miriam never happened. I even get compliments on things I've owned for awhile but Miriam helped me give a new life to!"
Katie R.
"... Feels empowering to have some new pieces that I can mix and match! And I think myself and style is there. Yay! "
Iwona H.
"Miriam hat mich beim Einkauf neuer Kleider für's Frühjahr vollkommen stilsicher und vor allem perfekt individuell auf mich abgestimmt beraten. Es hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht, war entspannt und effektiv mit ihr auf Shopping- Tour zu ziehen! Ich komme auf jeden Fall auf sie zurück und empfehle es jeder und jedem anderen!"
Alois S.
Miriam hat mich verzaubert. Mit stylischer Hand hat sie unentdeckte Schätze aus meinem Kleiderschrank gezogen, sie so zusammengestellt, wie ich es mir nie erträumt hätte. Ihr Geschick zu kombinieren ist einfach großartig. Ich fühle mich jetzt richtig wohl, in meiner Haut und meinen Outfits. Tipps für den nächsten Einkauf habe ich auch bekommen und nebenbei noch mit den aussortieren Kleidungsstücken etwas Gutes getan. Vielen Dank für den neuen Mut, die Verjüngungstour, und dass Du mich von alten Gewohnheiten befreit hast. Das Styling hat mir riesen Spaß gemacht!
Janina R.
I contacted Miriam because I was frustrated with my wardrobe and felt like I had nothing to wear. We went shopping together, and she magically picked out timeless pieces that I loved! Shopping with Miriam was fun and painless, as she is a talented stylist with a great eye and an easygoing personality. She taught me how to mix and match pieces to create many different looks. I’m no longer stressed out in the mornings, trying to figure out what to wear. If you’re feeling stuck and need some inspiration, call Miriam. Not only will she change your wardrobe, she’ll change your life!
Miriam S.
" I can’t recommend Miriam enough! She visited my home 2 weeks ago and it’s amazing how many compliments I have received from friends on how I look since. I now have photos of all my outfits hanging in my bedroom making getting dressed in the morning a breeze. I no longer look at my clothes and feel uninspired. It’s amazing what a new (and professional) perspective can do. Every cent was worth it - and definitely saves money in the long run (no, I don’t need another grey sweater). "
" Miriam Robinson is an amazing personal shopper. I have had the pleasure of shopping with Miriam for each season to create an all year round wardrobe. She knows exactly what works for you as an individual. Not only did Miriam give me a new look within my (limited!) budget, she also built my self confidence. I would highly recommend Miriam from your everyday clothing to dressing for an occasion. "
Samantha W.
"Miriam is a true professional as she could understand my style right away. She taught me not only what brands and colors I should buy but also how to match different pieces together which I loved. In every store, we had an amazing flow finding great pieces that fit almost instantly. I got a brand new wardrobe and I couldn't have done it without her! Working with her has been one of the best decisions ever. "
Kristel T.
"An absolutely lovely experience with Miriam! I found her online as I needed help finding clothes that were 'me'. She is very genuine and easy to work with; she was super patient working with me and I learned a lot from the few hours we spent together. She made the shopping experience fun and easy. Would totally recommend! Thanks again Miriam."
Kate O'T.
I hired Miriam to help me go through my closet and figure out what to do with all my clothes as I seem to be lacking inspiration. We had a very productive session where we were able to quickly sort out what clothes went together as outfits, what clothes don't work for me at all and what clothes I still need to buy. At the end it gave me much more confidence in what type of clothes go well together and helped me simplify my wardrobe. Her perspective was extremely helpful and left me empowered to stop wearing only black day and day out. Would highly recommend her to others!
Liana T.
" My brag today is about another lady here. Yesterday Miriam Robinson came over to help me go through my wardrobe, toss a HUGE mound of clothes I’d been “saving,” and teach me how to pair my favorite t-shirts with my favorite sweaters in a way that updates my look while still being Me. My favorite part is being able to bring back a piece of that pre-kids 20-something New York City “me” that I’ve been missing, without feeling like an old mom just trying to hang on to her glory days ;-)I can’t recommend her services enough! "
Annie M.W.
" Miriam is a fantastic personal shopper. She has a wealth of experience in styling for people on TV and this reflects in her contemporary fashion sense and styling know-how. I wouldn't have dared looked into some of the shops she took me to, or tried on some of the clothes she suggested, but when I did, I was pleasantly surprised and delighted with the outfits she helped me choose to buy. Her personal shopping service really gave me a lot more confidence in my body and myself. I highly recommend Miriam if you need some fashion inspiration and a confidence boost! "
Emma Johnson


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